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A candle is a tree of thought…


Candle wicks...


What people used earlier as wicks? How important were the candles for people's lives? Let’s make a small trip to the history...


Even modern manufacturers do not know that the wick has a very ancient history. Our ancestors used a great variety of materials to create warmth, light and comfort in their homes! The wicks as the source of light were made of the small wooden pieces (got from a special dry sort of wood of a certain thin and long shape). Ancient manufacturers have noticed that fire looks better and the candle burns for a longer period of time if they used thin long wooden sticks as a wick. Therefore, the modern wick is the thin twisted threads of a certain length, which are impregnated and waxed.

For the manufacture of ancient lamps, made of animal fat people used (just imagine!) poplar fluff, processed in a very special way to make it rigid and to bring it the needed consistency.

Later, when candle manufacturers succeeded in taming bees and began to actively use beeswax in production, the wicks were made of the pieces of cloth, cut into narrow long strips and slightly twisted in one direction. So the technology of manufacturing and using of wicks for the production of various candles was brought to the perfection.




Further wick manufacturers’ creative and professional searches were not useless.

In the Middle Ages, after the invention of the tape machine, people were able to make a fairly thin yarn of different thicknesses. Over time, they worked on the technique of weaving and twisting, which allowed to improve the different candle wicks.

Our ancestors perceived the people’s fate as a twisted thread, which has its beginning and end. Since ancient times, people have also known that fire is believed to purify and burn all negative energies that destroy the human aura.

The special, almost magical effect of a candle flame on the emotional state of people is that it helps the body to get rid of all the negative feelings that they accumulate in their lives day by day. While somebody, who lives in the city, very rarely has a good opportunity to sit by the open fire, he/she can always light a candle in his home or office.

Candle, lighted for at least 5-10 minutes, burns the tiredness of the body and soul, irritation and all the accumulated anger and grief. Besides, the candle flame helps the mind calm down. As a result, we can easily get rid of the negative thoughts and feelings and not let the disease penetrate into our physical body. In fact, decreasing the pain of our soul we prevent the pain of the physical body. It leaves with the crackling of the candle, giving the space for calmness and peace.


The variety of modern candle art: how do the candles look today?


Nowadays the manufacturers are able to create a great variety of perfect candles. The special attention should be paid to the wax candles, since wax is a natural material that has special properties of burning and melting. Each material for a candle has its own unique advantages.



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Nowadays, in the industrial scope the candle wicks are made on a special equipment of the 100% cotton threads and high-quality yarns, which are tested in special laboratories. The yarn, of which the wicks are made, should possess the following qualities:

  • rigidity (the yarn should be soft, but it should not break when stretching);
  • twist density (the yarn should be of the medium or weak twist not to roll into small random knots in the process of making candles).


ТМ TWIST ATIK candle buys cotton yarn from the best cotton producers in the world, so we can guarantee the quality of our wicks.

The production technology, specially developed by TM TWIST ATIK candle, makes it possible to produce a wick by the method of single lowered twisting. This technology provides the wick with such an extremely important quality, as the absence of excessive twist (it is called the torsion of the wick), which as a result has a very negative effect on the process of making candles and on its burning. You can read more about this problem and how to solve it in modern candle production in our article.



We always help our customers to choose the appropriate thickness of the wick or yarn, which perfectly fits the thickness of the candle, as well as the plastic mixture or wax, of which it is made. It does not matter, what material you use for the production of candles: pure wax, paraffin, wax mixture, functional plastic mass – we will help you to choose the best candle wick material for that.



So we already know that for each candle the individually selected wick is needed. The thickness of the wick always depends on the diameter of the candle and its material. For more details about all the secrets and specifics of the process, and how to choose the right wick for each candle, look into our article.



And finally...


How do manufacturers label different candle wicks on sales market?



This information is very important and useful, as the candle wicks are made of different types of yarn and thread, and are twisted due to several methods. As a result, we receive absolutely different wicks, which have the same thickness but completely different specifications.

Find more details about all the nuances of labeling modern wicks in our article.


TM TWIST ATIK candle always aims to help our manufacturing customers make high-quality, natural and safe candles. They are eager to bring their customers joy, pleasure, enjoyment and peace of mind from a time, spent in front of a lit candle.

Especially in the era of return to aesthetic and spiritual values ТМ TWIST ATIK candle supports its customers in their efforts to take care of their consumers and be sure of high ecological compatibility and safety of burning candles for human health.

Let's create beauty! 



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