Traditional candle wick: how does it look like in the updated version?

The wick is probably the most important part of the candle. All the materials, which the master plans to use to make a candle, are interchangeable. Paraffin can always be replaced with wax or vice versa; candle mass can be diluted with stearin or essential oil.

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It is impossible to produce a high-quality candle without the correctly selected wick even if you use the best materials.

What is a wick: the heart of any candle

Nowadays TM TWIST ATIK candle offers a full line of twisted candle wicks. All kinds of wicks are made exclusively of 100% natural cotton yarn of high quality, which has been tested in special laboratories.

The production technology, specially developed by our company, makes it possible to produce a wick by the single twisting method, which provides such an extremely important feature for a candle wick as the optimal twist (the number of twists in a wick per meter of finished wick). If the twist (the number of twists in 1 m) exceeds 120, it is considered to be unacceptable. This defect is also called overtwisting. The overtwisted wick is very difficult to pour into the mold for the production of high-quality candle. It rolls, making the accidental knots. The process of burning may be characterized as full flame and cracking, which causes the rapid melting of candles.

The low twist density demands the correct twisting of the yarns into a wick. It provides a wick with the air voids between the threads, which are oxygen, needed for high-quality burning.

The most important parameter of a wick is its diameter. A thick wick will give a larger flame, so the candle will burn brighter and faster. The thin wick gives the smaller flame. As a result, the candle burns longer and melts less.

The technology of optimal twisting density of the wick, developed by TM TWIST ATIK candle, made it very easy to choose the thickness of the wick for a certain thickness of the candle.

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Where to buy different candle wicks: the best TWIST ATIK offers

Your customers will eagerly enjoy the mysterious peace and romance, as they will not need to constantly cut the wick in the process of candle burning. Besides they will not have to worry about the excessive and uncontrolled melting of wax. The height of the flame will be balanced due to the thickness of the candle, and the wick will burn normally.

Now you can freely use the technologies, on which we have been working for over 10 years. Your candles will be 100% environmentally friendly and high-quality.

The candles will burn smoothly without excessive melting and puddles near the bottom of the flame.

Moreover, you will significantly reduce your production costs. We have counted that the twisted wick is 5-7 times cheaper than the weaved one. It greatly affects the cost of a candle.

We will always help you to choose the exact thickness of the wick, which will perfectly fit the thickness of the candle and the plastic mixture or wax of which it is made.

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It does not matter what materials you use for the production of candles: pure wax, paraffin, wax mixture or functional plastic mass – you will easily select the needed wick, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you.

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13 Лютого 2018