20*13 Candle wick

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These types of candle wicks are used for the production of paraffin candles with the diameter from 5 to 7 cm. Such candles are made of cylindrical and other various decorative shapes (Easter egg, orange, apple and other fruits of round shape, fir trees, various animals, angels and flowers). There are no limits for imagination of the creator.
Often such candles are made due to special orders or seasonally:
  • in the spring Easter style - before Easter;
  • in the style of the winter-snow fairy tale - before the New Year and Christmas;
  • as special orders - the gifts for children, beloved;
  • thematic decorative candles for brand gifts to business partners.
Besides, these wicks are good for pouring candles into special plastic cups.
One of the peculiarities of paraffin candles (filled in forms without a plastic glass) with a diameter of 5-7 cm is that the finished candle should have an optimal height not more than 15-16 cm with a diameter of 5-5.5 cm; the maximum height of candles in the diameter of 6.8-7 cm is 10-12 cm. Such restrictions are connected with the special properties of paraffin and paraffin functional mass. The reason is that paraffin is light and very plastic and melts at a low temperature. Paraffin candle with a diameter of 5-7 cm and height of 16 cm has a weight of about 300-320 grams. Such a solid bar of paraffin can soften and drain too quickly if the room temperature is higher than 26-28°C. In practice, such high temperatures usually occur in churches and temples in the summer, as well as in cafes and restaurants without air conditioning.
Therefore, it is recommended to make a quality candle with a diameter of 5-7 cm:
  • apply special additives to increase the viscosity and hardness of paraffin;
  • make such candles in special plastic cups. In this case, there are no restrictions on the height of the candle. These glasses are very often decorated in the same way as ordinary candles (with the help of special textile materials and decorative elements: beads, jewelry, coffee beans). It is safe as the textile decorative material will not burn.
20*11, 20*12, 20*13 candle wicks, as well as all other types of TWIST ATIK candle wicks, are made of 100% natural cotton yarn.
We chose the best cotton producers for cooperation. We receive the exclusive yarn of the best sorts without any additions of chemical and synthetic yarns and fibers, purified of the natural rests of the cotton stem and normalized to the standard humidity level.
Such qualitative indicators of candle wick in the production of candles are extremely important since synthetic threads melt in the process of burning and produce toxic black smoke and liquid rests of plastics, which flow down the surface of the candle. It is extremely harmful for human health to inhale the vapors of melted synthetics. In addition, the candle wick with synthetic threads destroys the shape of candle while burning, as the temperature of melting of synthetics is higher than the temperature of melting of paraffin or wax. In this way, the flows of melted synthetic yarns of candle wick flow down the candle and destroy its shape.
The process of purifying of yarn in the production of wicks is very important, as the rests of the natural cotton stem will crackle while burning, melting the candle in one place - exactly where the cotton stem or box started to burn.
The optimal twisting of the yarn (strength, hardness) and normal humidity are extremely important in the process of burning of candle wick.
The production of candles involves the use of candle wicks from thinner and more tightly twisted threads: Nm 20/1 (thickness of one thread is 0.4 mm) or Nm 34/1 (thickness of one thread is 0.25 mm).
In TWIST ATIK candle production the wick is made by single twisting method, which provides the required normal softness and volume of the wick, as well as the absence of excess strength and hardness of the wick. Therefore, during burning process, the thread in the wick does not spin in different directions, and the height of the flame corresponds to the norms for corresponding thickness of the candle. Moreover, the paraffin does not melt and does not flow uncontrollably. Your customers will enjoy the calmness of the candlelight with pleasure.

All TWIST ATIK candle wicks have the certificate of quality and hygienic conclusion of the Chief Sanitary Doctor of Lviv Region.

Technical characteristics of twisted 20*11, 20*12 and 20*13 candle wicks


Labeling of wick Linear density, tex Name of yarns, threads, materials, their content percentage Color Purpose Thickness, ≈ mm Number of twists in 1 m Number of meters in 1 kg, ≈ m Type of bobbin, weight of winding Breaking load, kgs Humidity, % Technology (way) of twisting  
20*11 Twisted candle wick 550 tex 100% cotton (natural, unbleached by chemicals purified) Natural white (depending on the sort of cotton it may be milk-white, light creamy and grey-white)
  1. 5-7 cm paraffin candles
  2. 7 cm decorative candles in molds
1.9 100 1820 Oval  (height 29 см),  weight up to 1,2 kg 11 10 and less twisted (single)
20*12 Twisted candle wick 600 tex 2.3 1660 12
20*13 Twisted candle wick 650 tex 2.5 1530 13