COLOR DECOR style in the food packaging: with love to the customer

Marketing and sociological researches of the last years unanimously show that modern manufacturers are no longer looking for the cheapest materials, they buy the things that solve their problems.

"The goods are no longer the products of engineers’ creation or 
the managers’ offer, but what the consumer indirectly demands"

(Ted Levitt, the Professor of Marketing, the editor of Harvard Business Review)

World-class experts held numerous conferences within the framework of the exhibition "ALL4PACK Paris 2016", which was held in Paris. The professionals of the global packaging industry are unanimous that the decisive influence on the success of the company in the product market has the creation of packaging, the elements of which are predetermined at the production stage: form, color, stylistic and decorative elements.

Due to the Packaging Magazine forecasts, in the next 20 years the most effective will be individually ordered packaging: individual design, look and form, way of using it and environmental friendliness, which will persuade the customer that his opinion is very important to the manufacturer and that the product he aims to buy is very valuable.

We devoted the last 3 years to the systematic analysis of the problems of modern food producers, and came to the conclusion that expanding the sales market with the help of the lower prices is no longer relevant strategy for the development of enterprises that demonstrate their values to the customers.

So what is the aim of modern manufacturers of food?

Modern manufacturers aim to gain the trust of their consumers, to become useful for them. The goods become the main carriers of the value for the customer, and of the financial profit for the manufacturer.

It is very important to understand the decision-making process of the consumer.

Besides, the enterprises are looking for the opportunities to enter the export market, which in its turn requires a high level of presentability of the products. As it may be seen, the sales marketing turns into the relationship marketing, which determines the success of the product, and sometimes of the whole company.


Thanks to the special individual solutions offered by TM TWIST ATIK-food, a lot of manufacturers have increased their sales by 2-3 times, and their customers point out that sausages, packed and decorated with colored threads, encourage them even to memorize the taste!

Valery Muzikant, the Doctor of sociological sciences, in a series of his researches found out that the decision to buy something in the full of various goods halls and shops, is made by different consumers (ATTENTION!) only in a period of time from 4 minutes 41 s. to 8 min 15 s. Imagine how quickly the customer reacts to any of the goods, which there may be even thousands on the shelves.

That is why each manufacturer can provide the effect of 100% memorization by the creation of the so-called magnet for customers: an exclusive complement to the covering – an individual and authentic textile natural tying in the style of COLOR DECOR.

ТМ TWIST ATIK food offers to use a traditional, easy-to-use and such an irreplaceable solution as usage of jute twine for manual tying.

The assortment of twines and threads of the company includes more than 35 items. TM TWIST ATIK-food uses different modern types of threads, twines and materials. The individual offers of color combinations that are professionally selected due to the sausage covering and label are simply countless. Our color map has more than 15 colors, out of which (in addition to monotone variants) more than 20 color combinations are made, which have become extremely popular among the Ukrainian manufacturers. Our line of twines and threads, which is usually updated with new color offers, is suitable for the whole range of sausage products - from sausages to ham and boiled rolls.

You will be surprised, but our special offer will bring you INCREDIBLE BENEFITS:

  • You will get more financial profit without additional money investments in loyalty programs and memorability of your brand.
  • Your color tying meat twine will effectively complement the individuality, originality and unique features of your products.
  • Your competitors will not be able to lure your customers. They will never again look for something else from someone else. Your customers will become loyal to you and will not be able to leave your company without making a purchase.

Tie your luck with the COLOR OF SUCCESS!!!

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05 Лютого 2018