Cotton twine, thread: practical usage, or what is always and what is never allowed to do

Returning to the topic of technical characteristics of twine and thread for tying sausages, meat, cheese and fish, it should be noted that cotton twine is the most ecological and absolutely safe type of packaging.

Due to its natural origin and characteristics, the cotton twine is very soft, perfectly knit when tightening knots, has a natural color, and cannot be influenced by the sudden temperature changes.

Thanks to its properties, cotton cannot be destroyed by the effects of ultraviolet rays but can be damaged by rotting as the result of high moisture and dampness.

The disadvantages of cotton twine include the lower strength in comparison with reinforced twine (reinforced by synthetic threads).

The natural cotton and polyester twine should be stored in a dry place. It easily absorbs moisture and can easily start to mold.

To increase the strength of natural twine or thread, you can soak it in ordinary water for 1-3 minutes, and then directly use it for tying sausages or other food products. When soaking the entire 1-1.5 kg bobbins, the process may be extended up to 10 minutes, 2-2.5 kg bobbins – up to 15 minutes.

It is not recommended to increase the time of soaking. One better not use wet twines and threads that are wet for more than 1 hour. With increased and prolonged process of moistening, the cotton base of the twine becomes soaked and it changes its fiber structure and loses its strength properties.

The rules for storage and transportation of twines and threads are strictly limited by the special signs, indicated on the label tags on  each individual package of twine.

Cotton twine is delivered in 2-3 kg bobbins, packed in bags or boxes. It is allowed to deliver the bobbins without packaging.

Cooking cotton for production: packaging, terms and conditions of storage

Twine must be stored in dry places at a temperature of 15 to 25 ° C and relative humidity of 70-75%.

Names and the meaning of the signs, which can be found on the packaging of the goods (conditions, governed by these signs, are necessary and obligatory to keep)

ТМ TWIST ATIK food guarantees the fulfillment and observance of all these quality requirements while transportation, storage and packaging of twine and threads specified in this table.

TM TWIST ATIK food provides a quality certificate for every batch of twine or thread. The warranty period (the period during which the Supplier guarantees the preservation of quality indicators of twine and thread) is six months when the storage conditions of the goods specified in the quality certificate are kept.

The addition to the quality certificate (fragment)

All twines and threads of TM TWIST ATIK food correspond to the hygienic report of the Chief Sanitary Doctor of Lviv region.

ТМ TWIST ATIK food ensures that only high-quality materials are used for the production of twist and twine for packaging materials in the food industry. All kinds of twine and yarn correspond to all sanitary, hygienic and technical norms and standards of Ukraine.

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08 Лютого 2018