How to turn technical characteristics of tying meat twine into benefits for customers

In the process of expert surveys it was discovered that sausages, made with the use of natural textile twines, are in high demand because they are associated with the more natural handmade product. By changing the length and the shape of sausages, ways of tying and colors of covering and twines, you can succeed in achieving the perfect look of the sausages, which will stay in customer’s mind. Besides, it can be done on any sausage factory.

Manual tying is a usual and important process on most enterprises for technological process of packaging sausages, meat products, smoked fish and cheese. It is simple and possible to do on small-size factories and high-tech automated manufactures.

The textile twine is absolutely safe for all food products, as they contain only natural threads and yarns.

The key characteristics of a cotton twine, thread for tying and packing food products: the hidden benefits

1. High strength.

The cotton natural or colored 1000 tex twine or 1200 tex twine can withstand the load up to 7 kg of any food product, which is hanged in a smoking or drying box or maturing chamber.

The hanged smoked meat or the beef or pork hams will perfectly be processed in the smoking chambers and without facing the risk to be cut from the frame. 

2. Low extensibility.

The bags with cereals, tied with natural cotton 1500 tex twine, can be safely stored for a long time.

The natural twine holds the tightened knot very well and does not slip, so the cereals are safely held in the bag. 

3. Low moisture absorption.

1200 tex twine made of cotton or polyester yarns, reinforced with a strong polypropylene or polyester thread, does not absorb moisture. Therefore it cannot be destructed under the influence of high humidity in the warehouse.

4. Variable thickness.

Tied with a strong white 1200 tex twine or 1500 tex twine (4-5 mm) large size cheese in a natural or textile covering, looks very stylish and may be safely held in the process of drying and maturing.

1000 tex twine or 810 tex twine with colored thread-inserts (2-2.5 mm) are perfect for all sausages, meat delicacies (smoked ribs, ham, bacon, and rolls), for smoking fish and chicken.

These types of twines are perfect for rope handicrafts in the decoration of boxes with cakes and sweets, for tying and packing the bakery (bagels and cookies).

They have sufficient strength (5-6 kg) despite the small thickness, which provides the manufacturer with the profit from significant savings of twine, as it is bought in meters. After all, the thinner the twine, the more meters of it are in one kilogram. Therefore, the manufacturer has the opportunity to choose the most profitable type of twine, taking into consideration the individual needs and tasks of the production.

For the convenient calculation of the required twine type, we have created the converter, which helps you to find out how many meters of twist and twine will be in the bobbin, and what load it can bear.

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5. Absence of static electricity.

Another advantage of natural cotton twines is that they absolutely do not accumulate a static electric charge.

What does it mean in practice on a sausage or fish factory, in the production of sausage cheese or in tying the bags with cereals?

A static electric charge is accumulated when one textile material (yarn or thread), which has a stronger gravity, is rubbed with another material, which bears weaker gravity. This creates a vortex motion of particles of these materials (threads).

In practice, it looks like this: when tying a sausage roll, cheese or smoked sausage, a tying machine tightens the knot. The twine, made of 100% artificial chemical threads (kapron, polyamide, polypropylene), being rubbed with the covering or itself, when tying the knot may electrify and produce a charge of very high voltage. In this case, the threads in the artificial twine will swell in different directions, the twine or thread will begin to loose. It will be impossible or very inconvenient to knit the knot or to tie up the sausage or cheese.

In addition, when pulling an artificial twine or thread through an aluminum clip, the electric charge can interact with the aluminum particle of the metal clip. This can disable the clipper and damage the knitting mechanism.

On the contrary, the cotton natural twine has no static electricity and does not produce it while rubbing. Tying or tightening knots is easy without loosening of threads and twisted knots.

ТМ ТWIST ATIK-food always provides practical advice on the features and maximum benefits of using different types of the twist and twine.

We offer the best solutions to each individual manufacturing task and provide the opportunity to individually order the color and combination of thread in twine, as well as ways of twisting it.

Our twines and threads may satisfy any individual technological features of our customer's production, bring into life any intentions of the most demanding technologists and managers.

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07 Лютого 2018