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Color rope for packing: simple and stylish



Nowadays, in the era of media and computer technologies, when people are deepened into the online world and everyday routine, people are willing to spend more time in a natural environment that is close to nature or to create it by themselves.

Therefore, handmade is so popular today. Very often such unique hobbies become the source of good incomes. Every decorative creation is made individually. It is unique and authentic; therefore, it is always of a great demand among the consumers. In addition, the handmade is very exciting and interesting, as it allows you to create amazing souvenirs and decor items for your house, your family and friends.

In modern shops and on the Internet websites the consumers are offered to buy a wide range of handicrafts, among which every skilled craftsman or novice may find fashionable unique materials to bring their creative ideas into life.

Recently the masters remembered that there is an old good and now again fashionable decorative material – a color twine



TM TWIST ATIK Hand Made offers for its customers the widest choice of popular textile materials (including those that are made for individual orders) – natural or white twine, decorative natural and colored thread, colored decorative twine or jute rope.

You may make a retail or wholesale order for the decorative thread or twine in different colors from our Catalog.


Packaging twine and decorative threads: practical usage



The use of threads, ropes or twines in handmade is the classics of the creative decor. We offer you a selection of the most popular ideas: how to use simple, natural and beautiful textile materials and create your own unique decorative masterpieces. Decorative rope and twine are in great demand among the craftsmen and sellers, who create unique designs for packaging of gifts.


  • Colored twines and threads are extremely popular among the handicraftsmen for manual production of unique handmade toys, as well as for the New Year and festive design of souvenirs and gifts.
  • The classical use of twist and twine may be seen in weaving (macrame, weaving of napkins, tablecloths and decorations for furniture, as well as accessories for clothing – for ex., belts).
  • Nowadays color twine is in great demand among florists, who use it in the design of bouquet compositions.
  • Some colors of twine and thread that perfectly repeat the colors of natural fibers – flax, sisal or cotton, such as: natural milky white, natural gray or brown, sandy or natural green – very stylishly and creatively look at fashionable craft packaging.
  • New modern trends in handmade are such popular decorative creations, as textile decorative compositions and paintings, made of natural textile and twines.
  • Natural and colored decorative twines are perfect for simple but at the same time magnificent authentic design of gift bottles and boxes, as well as of flowerpots and vases for flowers.


100% natural fabrics is perfect for hand-weaving tapestries, decorative woven carpets, paintings, bedspreads and other authentic handmade woven items.
You may read more about the application of natural cotton fabrics, its quality features and the history of decorative hand weaving in our special article in the Blog «Fabric for hand weaving: types, material and calculations for different woven goods»


This is not a complete list of ideas for creativity and decorating with the help of twine and thread. Since the use of twine in handmade sphere is an easy unique technique, it will help you turn ordinary and sometimes even banal things into the amazing gifts or decorative elements for the home. In practice, all that you need for such work are: twine or thread, textile or universal glue and any other materials that fit the style of your creative intentions.

So how to decorate a simple glass container? What techniques and materials should be used? What other ordinary and unique interior items can be easily decorated and updated with modern textile decor? The answers to these and other questions can be found in the articles of our Blog.



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