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Our warmest greetings to our dear visitors! Welcome you to our new website. We are grateful you for your interest in our threads and twine and are willing to introduce our company to you.

Have you come to us the first time? Let’s make an amazing trip around the world of beautiful textile for tying meat products, cheese and other food products, and deepen into the unique assortment of decorative hand-made twines, natural 100% cotton threads and candle wicks. If you have already had cooperation with us in the past, welcome to our new online home.

We did our best to make the process of your browsing around our new creations, interesting articles, videos and photos as simple as possible. Besides, we created the interactive catalog for:


  • ТМ TWIST ATIK food twines and threads for tying all types of food products;
  • ТМ TWIST ATIK Hand Made decorative twines. Moreover, in this part of catalog you will be able to find the unique product for hand-made masters - 100% natural fabrics for hand-made weaving.
  • Full assortment of ТМ TWIST ATIK candle twisted candle wicks and cotton threads. 


The choice of different threads, twines and wicks will be fascinating and creative process for you.




The technology is moving to simplicity...
The future is for «beautiful» textiles!




Twist and twine for production and decorations by «TWIST ATIK» company



Since 2001, the manufacturing enterprise «TWIST ATIK» creates for its dearest customers:


  • natural and colored twine and threads for tying sausages, smoked meat delicacies, chicken, fish and smoked cheeses. For you, dear producers, we have created the trademark TM TWIST ATIK food, in order to concentrate as much as possible on your most important needs, goals and specifics of your production. We select the colors, thickness, material and design of the twine and thread due to the specific tasks of each customer;
  • besides, we produce all kinds of twisted candle wick for the production of church and table candles under the trademark TM TWIST ATIK candle. All kinds of wick are made exclusively from 100% natural cotton yarn. Despite the material of the candles (pure wax, paraffin, wax mixture, functional plastic mass) we individually select the thickness and type of the wick for the specific needs of each customer;
  • and finally our new offer for the create sphere – TM TWIST ATIK Hand Made: unique colored decorative threads for exclusive textile products, gift wrapping, decorations, additional decorative packaging of food products - beautiful and stylish binding of jars, colored and natural nets for gift bottles, decorating toys, stationery, books. We individually select the colors, structure and design of the thread or lace for each customer due to his specific tasks and product. Besides, our special product for craftsmen is 100% natural basis for hand weaving.


All the mentioned above offers can be found in the of individual product categories of the «TWIST ATIK» online catalog of our website. You are welcome to look through it right now! 


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Our threads and twines will turn your products into the unique and memorable goods, which will make your business successful and effective, and your life – wonderful and happy! 



Who is TWIST ATIK for?



ТМ TWIST ATIK food is specially created for:


  • small and medium-sized meat processing businesses to simplify the technological process of tying sausages, meat and smoked chicken to reduce the production expenses. For large sausage factories that aim to distinguish their products with the help of an exclusive binding;
  • companies that produce all kinds of smoked cheese;
  • enterprises and small private factories that deal with smoking fish;
  • wholesale trading companies that supply meat processing factories and other food industry enterprises in a complex way, and want to enlarge their assortment with such an exclusive, modern and so necessary offer as cotton twine, thread that will be instantly bought up by customers;
  • food manufacturers and distributors who want to create beautiful and stylish additional packaging, to decorate and effectively demonstrate their products in exhibition pavilions, supermarket shopping areas and branded stores.


ТМ TWIST ATIK candle is created for:


  • candle manufacturers. Among our customers are small private candle plants, workshops and large manufacturers of candles of industrial scale. Our buyers of candle wicks are also monasteries, which directly test the burning of various candles and wicks;
  • wholesale trading companies that deliver and sell paraffin and other materials for the production of candles.


ТМ TWIST ATIK Hand Made is the specially created direction for:


  • masters of hand-made and simply creative people who make unique decorative products and jewelry from textiles (rope handicrafts);
  • souvenir and gift shops, who create a beautiful package for gifts;
  • manufacturers of toys, stationery, books, which use textile materials to create a unique beautiful product. The use of textile threads and laces in creation of products for a wide range of users provides a unique look, interesting design and convenient usage of the goods by the customer in his daily life;
  • craftsmen. 100% natural base and colored twisted yarns are perfect for hand weaving of tapestries, decorative woven carpets, bedspreads and other authentic woven products. 


Jute twine for cooking, production and decorations: the key needs of the customer, which we are trying to solve



1. Modern food enterprises aim to win the trust of their consumers and to become useful to them. The product today becomes the main bearer of the expected value for the buyer and of the financial profit for the producer. It is very important to fully understand the decision-making process of the consumer. 



Correctly selected color packaging and its additional elements (twine, thread) increase the sales of sausage as well as meat products and food products by 2-3 times during the first quarter, and buyers admit that they remember a specific product and even its flavoring qualities because of the packaging.

Also, the enterprises are looking for the opportunities to enter the export market, which in turn requires a high level of presentability of the products. 


2. Managers of wholesale trading companies regularly listen to technologists of meat-processing and enterprises, who constantly complain that they do not know how to make their products special and unique. The customers of the wholesale intermediaries are not always satisfied with the assortment that they are offered, they are always missing something. Trade managers want to solve the problems of their clients, but they do not have enough successful solutions. In this case, the decorative strapping and packaging of food with textile threads and twines is perfect. We constantly advise managers and technologists about the methods of application and features of different types of threads and twine. 



3. For the candle manufacturer the absence of uncontrolled flow of paraffin or wax during the process of candle burning, the natural normal burning of the wick without smoking, hanging and unwinding the threads is the most important. We produce a wick due to the technology that solves these manufacturer's problems. Want to know more? 



We always help each customer to choose the wick that suits the best way the thickness of the candle and the plastic stuff from which it is made. We give similar consultations to managers of trading companies.


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For the production of decorative products and jewelry from textiles, it is very important that the twine or thread possess the necessary characteristics, which allows to bring the creative intention of the master into life. Sometimes you may need a firm twine, in another case – soft one for high-quality gluing and impregnation. One master wants a thread with a perfectly smooth surface, the other one – with rough and corrugated. We individually select the colors, structure and design of the thread or lace for each customer due to his specific task and product. 


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The key values of «TWIST ATIK» company


  • Simplicity and convenience. We do everything possible for our customers to make the manual binding of sausages a simple way of packaging products in small and medium-sized factories and high-tech automated enterprises. Today you can start using our twine and yarn in your production.
  • Cost savings. The use of twine and thread in the packaging of sausages does not require large investments for special equipment and staff training.
  • Quality and reduction of risks. We constantly improve the quality of our twines, so that our customers can apply it in any production environment. You do not have to worry and suffer losses because of the doubtful strength of the packaging material or the inability to use it in chemical environment. 



  • Diversity and individuality. We care about your success and every day we are working on a new design of twine and thread. We expand the color spectrum in order to make your product unique, authentic and memorable. You can apply a bright and attractive colored or 100% natural twine today to your traditional product package, and the result will surpass all your expectations: sales will immediately rise.


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  • The simple solution of marketing problems. With our twine and thread you make a unique and attractive masterpiece. The number of customers will instantly grow. As a result, without investing into expensive advertising projects, you will win the trust of customers and increase the company's profits.
  • Leadership and status. Successful solution of your marketing and production tasks with the help of our decorative twine and thread will inevitably rise you and your company to the leaders. You will become a professional expert, successful in this sphere. 
  • Beauty, decorative design and aesthetics. We will do everything for your customers to bring them a lot of joy and pleasure from the first look at your product. People will always feel the need for aesthetic pleasure - give it to them with our help.
  • Support. We always support our clients to bring their most creative ideas and decisions into life. With our help your products will look very special and the company will become successful.
  • Devotion. We are devoted to decor and beauty in the packaging. It is very important for people to be surrounded by beauty, it is necessary for health and peace of mind. We will help you in a natural and simple way, using beautiful textile materials, to bring to your customers' life the joy and harmony from the acquisition of your unique product.


How did the idea to create a beautiful business, which corresponds to the newest technologies and provides customers with the uniqueness of their products?


In the second half of the 90s, the market of sausage and other food packaging included only the twine made of technical flax. It was a common rope of dark gray color with the remnants of debris and unattractive nap. All food producers remember this twine, from which were pouring the remnants of flax. But there was nothing else to offer, as imported cotton and colored twine were very expensive.

In the process of analyzing the market, together with our partners we understood where customers' requests and the needs of the food industry are moving. At that time we didn’t even think of the colored decorative Hand Made threads.

As a result, there appeared an idea of starting production of sausage twine of a qualitatively new level. The system of cooperation with our customers at the enterprises was organized initially on the basis of the principle of an exclusively individual approach to each order. Thus, we organized a real workshop offering the individual style for the product of every our customer.

Later the line of twines and threads significantly expanded. The exclusive kinds of decorative twine and thread were put to mass production.

Besides, we have established the production of natural candle wick for the big monasteries and candle factories in Ukraine.


We definitely know everything about thread and twine!


Our plans for future...


We have gone a long way from offering only flax twine to creating the unique style of the products of our customers. We are not going to stop there. We are studying the new technological needs of our customers, exploring the new directions.

Today we have almost completed the new tests for production of a new very popular product – a polyester thread for automatic sausage tying machines. Very soon we will represent 2 types of thread 200 tex and 500 tex. Our customers will be offered to choose among all the possible colors from our palette. For this new product, we have established the supply of polyester yarn from a well-known European supplier. The quality of the thread is at a very high level. The thread is planned to be wound on the small standardized coils, which can be installed on any tying machine. The manufacturer will have no problems with refueling the tying machine, even if the technologist makes a decision to change the type of thread for a new kind of product.

You will be able to buy the new product from our catalog in the nearest future. We are waiting for you!