Jute decoration twine

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We offer high-quality jute twine under TWIST ATIK Hand Made trademark.

Jute twine is perfect for realization of any ideas and Hand Made creativity, especially for

  • wrapping and sizing of objects in the interior,
  • tying and decorating,
  • weaving and knitting,
  • production of exclusive jewelry.



Jute twine, presented on this page, is twisted from natural jute fibers. Therefore, it retains all its properties:


Article number (symbolic marking) Linear density, tex Name of yarns, threads, materials, their content percentage Color    Thickness, ≈ mm Number of twists in 1 m Number of meters in 1 kg, ≈ m Type of bobbin, weight of winding Breaking load, kgs Humidity, % Technology (way) of twisting​​
810JUTE_TWISTED 810 tex 100% natural, not enlightened with the help of chemicals) Light brown 2.0 - 2.2 100 1200 Oval (height 29 cm),  weight – up to 1,2 kg 8.3 10 and less twisted (single)


In addition, jute twine can be twisted from several threads due to the customer's order.

Additionally, you can bring a ed polyester thread of any into the structure of twine. In this case, you may get a creative and unique type of mélange twine - natural light brown jute in combination with elegant ed polyester. This will give the twine authentic contrast, as well as exclusivity and originality to any Hand Made product, made of it.

The final diameter of the finished product may vary from 2 to 6 mm.