How to make an order

How to order twines or threads?

…and what is next?

Here on our web-site you may choose on the Main page, which category of twine or threads you are interested in, and then go to the group you have chosen:



  1. If you have an order that does not belong to these three groups, please contact us in any possible way through the Contacts page, and we will select the needed thread or twine for you due to your needs.
  2. Read the interesting and useful articles in our Blog. It may help you to make the right choice. You can also look through the photos in our Gallery, where you can see the practical application of all threads and twines due to their purpose. Each photo contains a brief description of the type of yarn, twine or thread that are depicted in their practical application.
  3. Look through the Catalog offers of the appropriate group of goods and make an order, pressing the button «Add to Cart». You can add this item and other products which interest you by browsing through the Catalog.
  4. Go to the Cart (the Cart icon is always available in the upper right corner of the screen).
  5. Fill in the «Order Form» in the Cart and click on the «Make an Order» button.
  6. We will receive your order and contact you in the shortest time. You will receive additional advice and answers to any questions. Besides, we will help you to make decisions as for the assortment of the trial (start) batch, or we will send free samples for testing.
  7. We send you samples or ordered goods by any convenient method of delivery and payment.
  8. You test the samples of twines or threads in your production or in sales.
  9. You and your customers are satisfied, and you make an additional order.

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